Debt Talks: Start The Money Conversation This Valentine’s Day

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Debt Talks: Start The Money Conversation This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day don’t let unspoken money matters break your heart. New data reveals financial strains contribute to up to 2 in 5 divorces. The pressure of debt can create conflicts that extend beyond the balance sheet.

“Debt is a significant threat to relationships,” says Charnel Collins, CEO of National Debt Advisors. “The key is open communication without judgment.”

Ask yourself: Are your partner’s habits truly problematic or just different from your own? Set financial goals together to build trust. Follow a budget to align expenses and income, preventing strain.

Stay independent to foster responsibility. And watch out for bad signs like lack of savings or hidden debt.

“Financial compatibility goes beyond income,” Collins explains. “It’s sharing an approach to money, committing to pay off debt and invest together.”

This Valentine’s Day, start the money talk. Honest financial conversations can keep your relationship, not debt, growing.

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