The genius behind Bushbuckridge Sounds
September 6, 2023
Nursery is Selekane’s second nature.
September 6, 2023
The genius behind Bushbuckridge Sounds
September 6, 2023
Nursery is Selekane’s second nature.
September 6, 2023


The road that stretches from the shopping center of Thulamahashe (CBD) heading towards 3 Way, T-
junction, or Crossing Ya Thulamahashe gives a nightmarish driving experience. 

This road is full of potholes that lead to accidents and tyre punctures. At least, one car was seen
changing the right rear wheel due to driving into a pothole a few meters from the Mthunzi Omuhle
Guest House on Saturday morning. 

Just before the Thulamahashe Mall, there was an accident on the same Saturday morning at around
10 am where two VW Polos had collided with each other. According to witnesses and the drivers
they were all trying to avoid potholes. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries to the drivers and
their passengers, except that one of the vehicles ended up landing on a brick wall nearby. 
“The road’s condition was very bad. Driving there used to give me goosebumps, especially when
driving in a small car. I see now they have patched it up at Mambumbu going down until just before
the CBD. Around there the road is drivable,” said Dan Mashaba, a Ka-Kumana resident which is one
of the sections in Thulamahashe. 

Mr. Mashaba urges the powers that may be to fix the other parts of the road. We’re not off the hook
yet. One driving mistake there, you’re going to meet your maker. People have been inconvenienced
there before.

“The road is becoming a visible death trap. Our government should save our cars and our lives. After
all, that is the reason we voted them for. It’s not out of favor. Roads form part of the mandate our
leaders were given. Is this too much to ask for? Come on guys. After all, it’s our tax monies that
should give us services,” he said. 

Drivers should practice caution when driving on that road. It should be mentioned that some drivers
are impatient and reckless under the circumstances and these bad conditions.

Another concerned resident of Buffelshoek echoed the same sentiments. “That road is not good. On
Friday, I went to watch The Castle Lager Promotion Play-offs at the stadium,
and I lost two tyres on that road. Fortunately, I didn’t lose my dear life. Something needs to be done
urgently. The state of that road requires a quick reaction. Where are these leaders driving every
day? I wonder if they’re able to see or not,” said Chimbrey Thabo Malatsi.

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