The genius behind Bushbuckridge Sounds

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September 6, 2023
September 6, 2023

The genius behind Bushbuckridge Sounds

Growing up in the dusty streets of Buffelshoek Stanley Chiloane knew he was a music star in the
making. His talent started showing very early while in church. Not many people thought that today
he’d be feeding the world with these nice songs. Moruti Mpapela had seen the diamond in the
rough though.

“The journey started with me, Emmaus Mohlala, Lucky Chiloane and Victor Mkhombo forming a
band called The SELV Band where we made music. That wasn’t a church band as opposed to The
Comforts which was a church band that comprised me, Edwell Mokgope, Sinky Maatjie, Beatrice
Chiloane, my brothers Isaac and Lucky, Elphas Malebe, Renias Phale, Erick Mawelele, Beauty
Mokgope, Caswell Manyike and Louis Hlabane. We used to sing in our church and other churches,
weddings, graduation parties and everywhere where we got invited,” Chiloane said.

“I was a keyboard player in church. After being spotted by Moruti Mpapela, I attended PS Records
Academy where I learned a lot. Today I’m an all-rounder…I’m a sound engineer, composer, and
producer and I play keyboards for Dr. General Muzka. Some say I’m a good dancer as well,” he says.
He could be seen taken away by the songs he’d be playing on the keyboard. He’s that dancer you see
on General Muzka’s live performance or on their videos.

Stanley has produced music for numerous artists, including Dr. General Muzka, Boikie Maqumbana,
Sejen Dikidana, Jeffrey Mkansi, Queen B, Papa G, The Real Madala, Mo EmoSweet, Monica M, 2
Chill, Danny Mnisi, and The Chiloane Brothers. Silk Music Studio produces diverse sounds from
ngunyuta, gospel, disco, reggae, Tsa Manyalo, and Tsa Morupelo.

“I’ve worked with Vuyelwa, the widow of Peta Teanet among other artists. I’ve produced about 80%
of Bushbuckridge artists that do the mentioned genres and I’m looking forward to doing more. I’d
also like to impart the knowledge I’ve amassed through the years,” he said.
The 4th born of Mr. Daniel and Nelsie Chiloane says his music involvement was inspired by music
legends from Bushbuckridge.

“I fell in love with music through the inspiration I got from Moruti Mpapela who out of his pocket
paid for my music school fees. He had seen something special in me hence he asked to mentor me.
He asked me straight from my parents. I’m forever indebted to the old man,” he said.
Chiloane says the influence of the then Soul Lovers also played a role in his growth. “Boikie and
General Muzka are some of my influencers. I’m happy that today I work with them on their music,”
he said.

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