Four trucks set alight at Sheepmoor

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July 12, 2023
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July 13, 2023

Four trucks set alight at Sheepmoor

Four trucks were burned this morning at around 05:30 on the N2 between Piet Retief and Ermelo. Three were seriously burned whilst one only burned in the cabin. One passenger sustained burned wounds on her feet as she was allegedly asleep in one of the trucks. She was taken for medical help by the EMS vehicle.

According to reports, individuals with rifles emerged from the grasses and approached the trucks, ordering the drivers to exit the vehicles or they would set them on fire inside. The drivers then sped off and fled.

Then, the trucks were set on fire.

No one has been arrested so far and the police are continuing with investigation.

The motive for the attacks is unknown at the moment.

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