Possession of drugs leads to arrests

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July 11, 2023
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July 12, 2023

Possession of drugs leads to arrests

Police in Kriel, South Africa, detained two suspects, aged 25 and 45, who were found in
possession of what they believed to be drugs at Rietspruit on Tuesday, July 11.

Police acted on a tip-off after a whistleblower alerted them about a person who was
carrying a plastic bag suspected to be loaded with drugs.

Members then advanced to the area as per directions given and found a man fitting the
description of the suspect.

He tried to hide the plastic bag he was holding when he saw the men and women in
Blue, but they caught him, and when they looked inside the bag, they found roughly
nine pinches of things wrapped in small plastics. Nyaope, with a street value of roughly
R360, is thought to be the substance.

Soon after the guy was taken into custody, the police observed someone who took off
as soon as he saw them.

Then, as he entered a nearby residence, police gave chase and cornered him.

He was afterwards searched, and it was discovered that he had 12 plastic bags that
contained what was thought to be Nyaope. Its street value is reportedly at roughly

Both suspects are expected to appear at the Ga-nala Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday
12 July 2023. As part of the investigation, the confiscated substances will be subjected
to some form of testing at the forensic laboratory.

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