The suspect was remanded for an unlicensed firearm

Five suspects were remanded in custody
June 29, 2023
Porsche bought illegally found
June 29, 2023

The suspect was remanded for an unlicensed firearm

A 31-year-old man was remanded in custody by the Acornhoek Magistrate’s Court
yesterday, 27 June 2023 after his appearance on charges related to possession of an
unlicensed firearm with ammunition.

Following his arrest on June 27, 2023, around 00:45, he made an appearance.
Acornhoek police were informed that a man owned a gun at a specific residence. When
the alert members arrived at the scene of the complaint, they searched the residence
and discovered a firearm (a Norinco) with three magazines, some ammo, and an empty
cartridge. The individual was charged with failure to provide a license, which led to his
arrest and subsequent charges.

All of the items found, including the weapon and ammo, were taken into custody for
additional examination. Undoubtedly, ballistic testing will be carried out to determine
whether the firearm was not previously used to commit a crime. Therefore, as the
investigation progresses, additional accusations against the suspect could be brought.

During his court appearance, the matter was scheduled to be heard on Thursday, 29
June 2023 whereby a formal bail application will be made meanwhile Navel Chiloane
remains in custody.

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