Tips on how to please a woman

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May 17, 2023
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Tips on how to please a woman

Women are naturally hard to please, you do one thing right she finds
fault in 100 other things. There is no one hundred percentage chance of
winning but we’ll give you tips that have a 99 percentage of working.

  1. How you kiss is important
    You ought to be able to give a highly passionate and seductive kiss. Slowly
    increase your intensity as you move toward a hard and passionate kiss. Give
    her a few moment to collect her breath before you start nibbling on her jaw
    and ears to catch her off guard. That will most certainly work!
  2. Cautious listening
    One easy way to strengthen intimacy in a relationship and enhance communication with your
    partner is to practice conscious listening.
  3. Make her feel that she’s the one
    When their man is staring longingly at other women, it could be one of the biggest turn-offs for a
    woman. That includes refusing to look away when an attractive girl passes while wearing
    provocative attire. Or even worse, making out with her pals. Okay, so I’m not requesting that you
    confine your sexuality. Try to direct your attention toward your woman, though, if you want to
    satisfy her sexually.
  4. Experiment with New Sex Positions
    While missionary can be fun, show your woman you are creative and playful
    The Afternoon Delight Sex Position, how about it? One of the numerous captivating and seductive
    positions you may teach your female partner to up the ante in the bedroom is this one.
  5. Last Longer So She Can Cum First!
    There is nothing quite as defeating like blowing your load before your lady gets her rocks off.
    What a buzz kill! 
    Take it gradually; it’s one of the best methods to keep your manhood strong.

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