SA and Denmark expand cooperation in
water services

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May 17, 2023
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SA and Denmark expand cooperation in
water services

The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) and Denmark have entered into
another agreement of cooperation in the innovation and management of water services
between the two countries.

The DWS, the Danish Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Higher Education and
Science (MHES), the Department of Science and Innovation and the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, through their Danish Embassy, signed a three-year agreement for Phase 3 of
the collaboration on behalf of the Republic of South Africa and Denmark Strategic
Sector Cooperation (SSC).

Phase 3 aims to further strengthen long-term relations between the department and
Denmark’s MHES and Science and Innovation.

The department said Phase 2 of the South African-Danish Strategic Water Sector
Programme (RSA-DK SWSP), which has been under implementation since May 2016,
was finalised last year.

“The agreement -which was signed by the DWS Deputy Director-General, Risimati
Mathye, representing RSA and his Danish counterpart, Per Skriver, from the Ministry of
Environment -will run from May 2023 to April 2026.
“The programme consists of five parts, namely, Water Services Management,
Groundwater, Water Efficiency in Industries, Research and Innovation, and a Project
Support Facility focusing on investment planning and financing for water-related
projects,” the department said.

The department explained that each part is led by representatives from DWS and the
Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), who have implemented projects

relating to improving municipal water costing, non-revenue water management,
groundwater mapping and wellfield management, to name a few.

“After the phase is concluded, the outcomes expected included a shared and gained
knowledge on water policy-making and reform, as well as a consolidated and mutually
agreed work plan for the Strategic Sector Cooperation between the two countries,”

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