South African talent impresses Usher

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February 9, 2024
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February 9, 2024

South African talent impresses Usher

R&B star Manana lands Usher collaboration

Rising R&B artist Ndumiso Manana has scored a career-defining opportunity by co-
writing a new song for American superstar Usher Raymond.

Manana’s manager confirmed that the South African musician collaborated with Usher
on his latest single “Ruin.”

This represents a major milestone for Manana, who stands out for his multi-instrumental
talent and heartfelt songwriting. Whether drumming, playing piano, or lending his
smooth vocals, Manana pours raw emotion into his music.

Now Manana’s authentic sound has captured the attention of Usher, one of R&B’s most
influential artists. Their collaboration shows Manana resonates across borders.

“Ruin” provides a breakout moment for the humble musician. As he gains global
exposure, Manana remains dedicated to his craft and true to his roots.

With this high-profile co-writing credit, the sky’s the limit for Manana’s budding career.
He demonstrates South Africa’s talent can inspire even the world’s biggest stars.

Usher’s collaboration signals that Ndumiso Manana is an R&B force to watch. His star is
on the rise.

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