Outrage Over Rapes at Mpumalanga Special Needs School

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January 23, 2024
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January 24, 2024

Outrage Over Rapes at Mpumalanga Special Needs School

Outcry has erupted over allegations of a serial rapist preying on learners at Wolvenkop School for special needs children in Verena. At least two rape cases have been reported to the Kwa-Mhlanga police involving students at the school.

Parents and the school governing body are demanding the principal’s resignation for failing to address security lapses they say enabled the assaults. The school has been shut down over inadequate protections and poor facilities.

“The conditions have made it easier for the perpetrator to access the school,” said a parent representative. With the principal unresponsive, the governing body closed the school last week until safety improves.

Two harrowing cases have already been reported to authorities. But parents fear there could be more vulnerable victims at the school for children with disabilities.

Police have launched an investigation to identify the serial predator. But families say lax protocols left students exposed, allowing these horrors to occur.

“We are seeking justice for the innocent children so gravely wronged,” said a governing body member. They emphasize the principal neglected her duty by dismissing concerns over safety hazards.

Facilities issues like broken fencing have also made it easier for trespassers to enter school grounds undetected. Parents demand these problems be fixed immediately to protect their children.

The crisis has shed light on pressing vulnerabilities at facilities for society’s most defenceless. Stakeholders agree preventing further tragedies will require collaboration between the school, families, police and community.

As the investigation proceeds, all sides agree establishing functional security measures is crucial to restore confidence.

The priority remains supporting the survivors and their loved ones during this traumatic time. But parents say lasting change is needed to ensure no more children fall victim when seeking an education.

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