Beyoncé’s Mom Blasts Skin Lightening Accusations Against Singer

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Beyoncé’s Mom Blasts Skin Lightening Accusations Against Singer

Tina Knowles, the mother of music superstar Beyoncé, is angry at “ignorant” people accusing her daughter of trying to look white.

Recently, some on social media claimed Beyoncé lightened her skin tone in scenes from her new film “Renaissance.” They questioned the singer’s platinum blonde hair too.

But Tina says the critics completely misunderstand the artistic vision behind the look.

The film has a silver theme with silver clothes and decor. So Beyoncé wore matching silver hair as a fashion choice. “It has nothing to do with bleaching skin,” her mother explained.

Tina said one “sad” example was even a white reporter calling Beyoncé’s hairstylist to ask about the baseless lightening claims.

The protective mom also called out black people repeating the nonsense on social media out of jealousy. She said black female stars have long worn platinum blonde wigs, from Etta James to today.

“Are they all trying to be white too?” Tina asked angrily.

She said each time Beyoncé achieves something through hard work, “you sad little haters come out.” She’s tired of the racism, sexism and bullying. 

“I know Beyoncé won’t like me saying this. But I’m fed up!” she concluded. Tina said her famous daughter keeps to herself and helps disadvantaged groups whenever possible.

It’s time people respect Beyoncé instead of making up reasons to tear her down.

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