Eskom technicians attacked in Mataffin, utility withdraws services

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November 14, 2023
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Eskom technicians attacked in Mataffin, utility withdraws services

Following attacks on some of its staff, Eskom recently announced that it was pulling its services from the Mataffin community in Mbombela.

After some people of the Mataffin community are said to have attacked Eskom staff with bottles and stones, the electricity giant has decided to immediately stop providing service in the region.

On Saturday, November 4, Eskom issued a statement stating that due to unauthorised connections, a portion of Mataffin is currently without energy following its withdrawal.

“Unfortunately, this withdrawal results in delays in the restoration of electricity supply to the area,” said the statement.

“Eskom has a duty to ensure that its employees work in a safe and healthy environment. Therefore, due to these safety reasons, Eskom services to the Mataffin community are suspended. The services will only resume once the engagements with the community leaders and local stakeholders are concluded and the safety of its employees and their well-being is guaranteed.”

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