Mpumalanga Department of Education says they are ready for grade 12 finals

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Mpumalanga Department of Education says they are ready for grade 12 finals

The Mpumalanga Department of Education has pulled all stops to ensure that the 2023 grade 12 National Senior Certificate Examinations progress without any glitches.

These examinations will commence in full swing on Monday, 30 October 2023, with the writing of First papers for English Home and First Additional Language at 09H00.

This translates to only 18 remaining days before the start of these examinations for the Class of 2023.

This year’s National Senior Certificate Examination has 68 681 full-time candidates and 16 767 part-time candidates registered.

Ehlanzeni District had the most candidates, with 18 292 full-time and 6 210 part-time applicants.

Nkangala District has 17 462 full-time and 4 632 part-time candidates enrolled.

Gert Sibande District has 16 267 full-time and 2 853 part-time candidates registered, while Bohlabela District has 16 089 full-time and 2 529 part-time candidates registered.

Candidates were registered using the South African Schools Administration Management System (SA-SAMS) beginning on March 31, 2023.

Assessment instructions and preliminary schedules were distributed to schools on June 22, 2023. These preliminary schedules are intended to help in the verification and authentication of registration information.

The Head Office and District officials conducted audits of Grade 12 centres as well as assistance with candidate registration and correction.

The 2023 Grade 12 National Senior Certificate Examination will be held in 550 locations around the province. Schools with little writing space will use 20 alternate places.

571 Chief and Deputy Invigilators have already been appointed and trained by the Department.

38 independent schools meet the minimum requirements to be examination centres this time around.

Monitoring will be enhanced and the training of monitors is scheduled to take place from 17 – 19 October 2023. Resident monitors will be deployed to High-Risk Centres.

All candidates will be expected to sign a Code of Good Conduct Pledge on 20 October 2023.

The Department will be working with sister departments such as the Department of Health, Community Safety, Security and Liaison and the SAPS towards the smooth running of the examinations.

The Department intends to ensure that all the 68 681 candidates pass at the end of these examinations.

The Department is making a clarion call to all learners to appreciate that this is their time to finish the journey they started 12 years ago.

“Our learners need to be aware that it is out of their hard work, dedication, and commitment that they made it this far.

They need to know that the last few kilometres of any marathon are the hardest and most crucial as they determine the results.

To this end, they need to remain vigilant and not allow anything to divert their attention towards writing and completing their grade 12 studies.

They need to be alert and not allow anything to rob them of their bright future. They also need to be more focused this time around and avoid any distractions coming their way. “

There are a few basic things they must do to be better prepared for the examination namely;

  • Set aside time every day to practice mindfulness techniques which will help them calm down.
  • Eat, sleep and exercise well.
  • Set realistic goals to help and put everything in proper perspective.
  • Do not go alone, form study groups and engage more with their teachers.
  • Believe in themselves by avoiding negative thoughts.

If they feel like they are struggling, they need to talk to someone – A problem shared is half solved – Asking for help is never shameful.

On the administrative side, Marking will take place from 03 to 17 December 2023 and will take place in 20 Marking Centres which are spread throughout the province. The process of appointing markers and training them is at an advanced stage as we speak.

The Announcement of the 2023 Grade 12 National Senior Certificate Examination will take place on Friday, 19 January 2024 at the University of Mpumalanga from 09H00.

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