Matikwana Hospital in baby mix-up saga

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October 11, 2023
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Matikwana Hospital in baby mix-up saga

After learning her baby is female, the 34-year-old mother from Mashonamini, who was informed she gave birth to a boy, is demanding explanations.

following the mother’s confession that she gave birth to the child on her own without the help of the nurses.

When Thandiswa Payi went home after giving birth, the baby she thought was a boy was in fact a girl. The woman who gave birth on her own at Matikwane Hospital in Mkhuhlu claims that the staff mistreated her and only arrived to cut the umbilical cord while leaving the baby for her to cuddle when she was still weak.

 Thandiswa reported that the nurses told her that her baby was a boy, even though the baby clinic card proved that it was a boy, but when she reached home, the baby was a girl.

The family is unsure about this incident as to whether this was an honest mistake or whether their child was switched.

Family spokesperson Surprise Nkuna stated that the incident occurred last month at the Matikwane Hospital, Mkhuhlu, Bushbuckridge.

“We are extremely traumatised because we don’t know if the child, we have at home is ours or not. When asked about the incident, a hospital official put the initials ‘female’ in front of the male classification on the child’s identification card, despite the institution’s original denial.” He said.

Nkuna said the family had promptly requested DNA tests to be conducted to determine the mother and child’s relationship.

Although the hospital agreed to their request, they now have doubts about the DNA results.

A DNA test was performed at Rob Ferreira Hospital to determine the baby’s paternity, but a family member claimed that the hospital took the infant’s mother without the family’s knowledge. They were shocked when they called her and learned that she had been brought to Rob Ferreira Hospital without any family members accompanying her.

“The results confirmed that the baby is authentically the mother, but we suspect a cover-up. We know that hospital personnel examine the gender of the infant first. It is impossible for them to have made a blunder. There’s something fishy about this,” said Nkuna.

In a letter seen by Bushbuckridge News, the hospital acknowledged the incident and said an investigation was ongoing.

“Matikwana Hospital acknowledges receipt of your letter of complaint, and we would like to thank you for submitting a complaint as it assists the health establishment in improving the quality of health services rendered to the users,” the letter read. “Please be informed the complaint is being attended to for further investigation and redress. Kindly note that the time frame for a complaint is within 25 working days.” The letter stated.

The family is still shocked and wants answers to the hospital’s negligence.

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