Beware of the new hijacking trend

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September 12, 2023
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September 12, 2023

Beware of the new hijacking trend

South African motorists have been warned of three new hijacking methods that are
contributing to the country’s crime figures.

Bobby Petkov, Group CEO of Mit-Mak Motors, stated on a podcast with Penuel
Mlotshwa that the first new trend emerging was known as the “blockage method.”

“So hijackers will block you at a fast food place like a KFC or McDonald’s or one of
these establishments where a car will block you from the front, as well as the back,” he
“You’ll be identified as a target vehicle…They’ll block you and then obviously they have
closed the space. They will point you with a gun and tell you to get out of the car. You
can’t reverse because there’s a car behind you, you can’t go forward because there’s a
car (in front ) of you and they’ll take your car and everybody drives away.”

This strategy corresponds to the classic driveway hijacking technique used by hijackers
who prey on motorists arriving home and blocking their driveway.

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