Stop the nonsensical killing of children

Life teacher through song
September 8, 2023
Pros and cons of taking the law into your own hands
September 8, 2023

Stop the nonsensical killing of children

Criminal with knife weapon threatening woman and child in underpass crime

“We’re the children. We’re beautiful and innocent. We need all the love we can get from you to grow. You’re our parents and our elders. Didn’t they say it takes a village to raise a child?”

Our kids pray like this every day.

God has given us children as a priceless gift. They require daily attention as well as our unconditional love. They require constant protection. No matter what, a child is innocent; never hurt one. Children are good learners because you can see the values you put in them now when they are adults. Teach them how to become better people in life.

The recent murders of two Soweto boys-Nqobizitho Zulu and Tshiamo Rabanye aged 5 and 6 respectively, demand expeditious action from the law agencies and the general government laws, especially those that protect our children. To end this absurdity in our nation, they must deal with it effectively and with ruthless remedies.

The paradox of multi-killings is quickly turning into a problem that requires a closer examination than is initially apparent.

The Soweto killings are a replica of many incidents of this nature, and we cannot fold our arms until they happen closer to home. This has been happening and we cannot deny it.

It shows that we’ve got deep-rooted problems that need serious investigation. These barbaric murders are so disturbing. The thought that there are body parts syndicates that operate internationally and are said to be behind all this. The commercialization of body parts is but the course of trouble in our land. The fact that the bodies are discovered mutilated means it’s done on a purpose which is evil.

The fact that children are being kidnapped from schools, tricked out of their homes, and stolen from the streets or parks where they play is the most crucial information in this text. A sangoma would be present among the culprits, probably for protection. This implies that there are no safe places for kids, and they must live like rhinos, whose horns are thought to be extremely valuable. They do not have a haven.

The love of money has resulted in people losing their hearts to the underground world. They’ve sold their souls to the devil. People can now do anything to fill their pockets with dirty money, including killing and mutilating their bodies. Whether people have socio-economic issues owing to the high unemployment rate and other lazy reasons that doesn’t give anyone any reason whatsoever to kill a person to heal another person or to enrich themselves with the selling of human body parts.

Finally, I want every child killer to listen to the song “See the World Through a Child’s Eyes” by the Mpumalanga-led band Stimela and reconsider their actions. There is always time. The priceless lives of the kids can yet be saved.

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