Life teacher through song

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September 8, 2023
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September 8, 2023

Life teacher through song

By Godfrey Malibe

There’s no morupelo celebration without the danceable sounds of the magnificent DJ Talo. Everything he touches becomes a banger.

Bushbuckridge’s August is fast approaching. Dikoma are out and initiates are in the forest and they will be graduating from the end of July until just before mid-August. There will be celebrations all around, left and right; beasts and chickens will be slaughtered. Alcohol of different makes will be bringing peace and joy to many people. 

Born Gideon Malomane, DJ Talo in 1996 in Violetbank, the 27-year-old is the epitome of Bushbuckridge’s dikoma music hence the kingship crown handed to him by music lovers. 

“I fell in love with music when I was very young. It’s a family thing. My father and uncle used to play live music at home. Tsebo and Collen Malomane inspired me a lot. They made me. Seeing and hearing them play those guitars and other instruments made me see myself making joyful music entertaining people,” said DJ Talo.

Gideon went through Lesedi Primary, Mathule Primary and did his grade 12 at Lehlasedi High School in Shatale Township.

The likable DJ started recording his music in 2010 and has been releasing music after music keeping the dance floor occupied.

“Music is life to me. I live for the studio. My studio is my best place. I work day and night. I know what my audience wants and every song I make I have the best interest of music lovers. I make music that will touch the hearts of dancers. Even old men will come to me and congratulate me. Some shed tears. I give life through my music,” he said.

DJ Talo is a producer, songwriter, and singer and he also heads his morupelo group, Bahwaduba, which is his clan’s name. They are a recorded group as well that keeps Bushbuckridge on its toes.

He has collaborated with many artists like Solomon, Ntsunda, Sarel, Sidney, Thapelo, and Godfrey Makhubedu, and most recently he and Stanley Chiloane co-produced Gelegele which he collaborated with Sergeant Dikidana.

“When Sergeant Dikidana came knocking, I availed myself as always. We went into the studio and a sizzling track that is currently taking Bushbuckridge by storm was born. I’m a producer who produces many genres and an artist who sings Morupelo music.

“My sound will leave you in tatters. My music speaks to people. I don’t just write for the sake of it. I educate. I talk about social issues that touch people’s lives in different ways. I may be young, but my life experiences have made me who I am today. I am an experienced young man who has become a life teacher that teaches through music,” he said.

He went on to say that he’s available for bookings for any type of ceremony. “It may be for morupelo, birthdays, funerals, or any other ceremonies. I’m a performer and I perform everywhere,”

“There’s new music coming. ‘Bangkalakala’ and ‘Nhlale gona bjalo’ are two hot singles that are sure to keep you on your toes this dikoma this August. My music is timeless. It’s not for dikoma only. Even in December, it will still be relevant. My 2010 album is still relevant,” he concluded.

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