Three fatalities reported in the N12 collision

N12 closed due to heavy mist
July 13, 2023
Cultural Clash
July 13, 2023

Three fatalities reported in the N12 collision

Three people have been killed on the N12 road between Emalahleni and Ogies as a
result of a head-rear collision.

All three of the victims were travelling in one of the impacted cars. At this time, neither
the quantity nor the seriousness have been established. The road is still closed, and
emergency personnel and law enforcement authorities are on the site.

The multiple-vehicle collisions were largely caused by reduced visibility due to early
morning mist.

The multiple collisions include articulated trucks, sedans, and light delivery vehicles

Motorists are once again encouraged to reduce speed, increase following distance, and
switch their headlights on when driving in misty conditions.

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