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Cultural Clash

Nigerians and South Africans engage in heated debate over Amapiano Origins.

Accusations of Cultural appropriation causes online disagreements as Nigerian Artist claims to cook up
Amapiano song.

Nigerians and South Africans have found themselves embroiled in a simmering dispute over the origins
of the popular music genre, Amapiano. The argument began when Nigerian artist, Swae Lee, took to
Twitter, announcing his intention to create an Amapiano song. However, in response, South African
music enthusiasts demanded Lee acknowledge and credit the founders of Amapiano, accusing Nigerians
of supposedly stealing cultural creations.

Swae Lee’s Twitter post triggered a wave of backlash from South African users who defended the
originality of Amapiano. They stressed that Nigerians, in their quest for creative recognition, often
appropriated elements from different cultures without crediting their originators. These heated
exchanges reinforced the existing sentiment that Nigerians were frequently responsible for “stealing
other people’s shine.”

As the Amapiano dispute continues to generate headlines, all eyes are on artists and audiences to see
whether this online debate leads to more constructive conversations and a deeper understanding
between the two nations. Only through respectful exchange and acknowledgment can the music
industry progress while preserving the dignity and origin of all involved parties.

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