“Gucci lady” lands herself in trouble

Suspect was killed in a shootout with SAPS members
July 6, 2023
Fashion Drama Unleashed
July 6, 2023

“Gucci lady” lands herself in trouble

After one successful performance, DJ Maphorisa received a lot of Randelas during the event. The hot
music producer was spinning vinyl while doing his thing when a woman dressed to the nines in Gucci
appeared on stage holding staggering stack of cash as a sign of support for the Amantombazane

Musa Khawula posted the video of the lady “making it rain” on Dj Maphorisa and the crowd was left

The woman’s stunt failed to impress, instead, it garnered her unnecessary attention as Tweeps
wanted her identity for SARS purposes. A number of Tweeps tagged SARS to look into the lady’s

One can hardly escape Khawula’s grasp, and this was one instance. He was given the assignment to
locate the unidentified woman, who turned out to be Asanda Baca. She is an Amapiano DJ,
according to the South African.

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