Suspect was killed in a shootout with SAPS members

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Suspect was killed in a shootout with SAPS members

An alleged male suspect (51) was fatally shot during a shootout with SAPS members
from National Intervention Unit (NIU). The incident is said to have occurred at Barberton
in the early hours of Wednesday 05 July 2023.

According to the police report, officers were investigating information about a person
who was in possession of explosives. The members are alleged to have travelled to a
certain residence in Barberton at around 4:00 am when they are said to have introduced
themselves as police officers.

However, it is said that they made several attempts to be let in but without any response
then as they forced their way in through the gate.

Soon after, shots were fired from the house toward the police. While taking cover,
members continued to identify themselves as SAPS members. A report claims that
despite their efforts, they were shot at cruelly. The only choice left to them was to take
part in the shootout, which led to the killing of the individual who was firing shots from
the house. He allegedly suffered some wounds.
When the dust had settled, police summoned paramedics so that he could receive
treatment however the man succumbed to his injuries.

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) was notified and they will be
investigating the shooting incident.

It is worth noting that Nelspruit Explosives Section were also summoned to the scene,
and despite a 9 mm pistol as well as some cartridges for a pistol and for a rifle that were
recovered next to the man’s body, police found some explosives devices, about 19
detonating capped fuse (Dura fuse) as well as about 20 detonating cartridges inside the
man’s house. From these items, the Police are more convinced that the alleged suspect
could have been the person that they were looking for in their investigation of explosives
that were unlawfully stored in the house.

In addition to the fatal shooting of the man, an investigation will also focus on the
attempted murder of Police officials, contravention of Section 28(1)of the Explosives
Act, Act 26 of 1956 and illegal possession of explosives. The confiscated firearm will
also be a subject of the investigation.

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