Shongwe condemns Mpumalanga medical facility assaults

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Shongwe condemns Mpumalanga medical facility assaults

Mpumalanga MEC for Community Safety, Security and Liaison, Vusi Shongwe, has
condemned two recent incidences where two healthcare facilities were attacked by

Shongwe was reacting to the latest cases where criminals attacked a hospital and a

According to reports, some unknown men pointed a firearm at security personnel
stationed at the entrance of Pholansikazi Community Health Centre (CHC) on Saturday

The men proceeded to fire three shots at the driver of the Emergency Medical
Practitioner (EMS) before making it off with an ambulance.

The driver of the ambulance was slightly injured and is receiving medical attention.

The security task team of the company contracted to the Department, swiftly responded
to the scene, and their efforts paid off as the hijacked ambulance was recovered within
two (2) kilometres from the crime scene.
Last weekend, there was another incident at Carolina Hospital. According to reports, the
bar owner and several of the customers were fighting.

After being called to the site, the police are said to have opened fire on the group that is
accused of attacking the bar owner.

Those hurt during the fight were transferred to Carolina Hospital.

The group began vandalizing the hospital after the individual who was brought there for
treatment died from their wounds. The hospital staff members who were on duty at the
time were also attacked and robbed.

MEC Vusi Shongwe says hospitals and healthcare facilities should not be playgrounds
for criminals.

He says that the barbaric and heartlessness displayed towards healthcare workers must
never be allowed to thrive.

He mentions that condemning alone is not enough and further indicates that
government will continue to work harder to identify any security threats at these
facilities, to continuously eliminate threats.

He also says the Department will continue to engage with contracted security service
providers and other relevant stakeholders, to find better ways of protecting hospitals
and clinics.

Shongwe further calls on communities to assist the government in its efforts of
safeguarding these facilities and practitioners. He says these establishments exist
solely to ensure that communities have access to health services.

“While we are working around the clock to safeguard healthcare facilities and personnel,
we also need communities to assist by reporting any suspicious activities or people to
the police. The attacks on these facilities and personnel are the worst forms of
lawlessness. Therefore, communities must work with us and expose evil-doers,” says
the MEC.

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