How to survive university without a bursary

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May 16, 2023
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How to survive university without a bursary

It’s really hard at a university when you don’t have a bursary and you only get money
from home. Sometimes they just send you money to buy groceries, but you don’t even
buy all the required groceries. You can’t even afford to go buy ice cream. When you
receive money all you think about is food. Here we are going to discuss how to survive
varsity when you don’t have money.

Make a spending plan: Make a plan for your finances so that you can monitor expenses
and know where your money is going. Always keep the money for groceries and
assignment printouts and binders in separate accounts.
Do nothing else except if you have a financial plan for it. Always make a list of your
financial goals; Avoid making purchases based solely on what your friends are doing;
Keep in mind that your earnings will never be comparable to theirs.

Apply for a bursary: Look for bursary possibilities and apply for any that interest you.
Some bursaries are only available for a certain degree; look for bursaries that cover
your course. Try out student loans as well.

Reduce unnecessary spending: Spend less on non-essentials and more on what is
needed for your studies and food. Don’t go to a party and spend money you don’t have
on alcohol. Going on girls’ trips is enjoyable, but bear in mind that others have bursaries
that take money away from families.
As a way to boost your income while you are in school, think about taking a part-time
job. Retail establishments and tapas are always hiring students. You might also provide
cheap perfume and hair products, which are attractive to students. Practice braiding
whenever you have the chance if you are skilled at it. Spend your time studying rather
than wasting it on those.

Seek financial support: Contact your university’s financial aid office to enquire about any
financial assistance that may be available. Inquire whether they provide food parcels as
To save money, consider splitting lodging and other expenditures with friends or

Keep a positive mindset: Remember that your situation is temporary and focus on your
studies to secure a better future for yourself. Never skip class because you won’t have
money for lunch and you have back-to-back classes, stay positive and always
remember why you went to university for.

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