A new strategy employed by alleged dagga traffickers is the gas cylinder

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May 16, 2023
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May 17, 2023

A new strategy employed by alleged dagga traffickers is the gas cylinder

Police in Mpumalanga have strengthened security majors when it comes to dagga
trafficking from neighbouring countries, including the Kingdom of Eswatini. As a result, a
suspect (31) was arrested on Monday, 15 May 2023 at about 11h30 am after being
reportedly caught in the act by the SAPS members from Mahamba Port of Entry.

On Borderline, where counterfeit vehicle compartments were recently discovered,
security has been increased. When an unauthorized foreigner from the Kingdom of
Eswatini was apprehended with a gas cylinder that was sealed but laden with dagga
yesterday, the police learned of the new trick.

The suspect was spotted by police officials with a plastic bag containing the gas
cylinder. On suspicion, the cylinder was thoroughly checked and police could notice that
it was sealed however they (police) suspected that it could be loaded with something
else other than gas.
That was when police cut open the cylinder and then discovered a dagga weighing
4,316 kilograms. The estimated street value of the dagga is about R18127-20. The
suspect was arrested and charged with possession of dagga as well as being in the
Republic without valid documentation.

The suspect is expected to appear at the Piet Retief Magistrate’s Court tomorrow,
Wednesday, 17 May facing the said charges.

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