How to get laid in five days when you dont have a relationship

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How to get laid in five days when you dont have a relationship

It’s acceptable not to have a partner sometimes; you don’t have to worry about not
getting goodnight and good morning texts. You don’t have to worry about where
someone might be when you go a day without talking to them and their phones are
turned off, but there are days when sexual starvations are not showing any mercy and
you need sexual healing, and that feeling lasts for a while. Well, we’ve got your back.

Here are ways to get laid in five days.

Find your targeted men. You don’t just hand out the cookie jar to everyone; if we did, no
one would require sexual healing. You have your types, and that is where you begin
your search. Try browsing your contact list and initiating chats to determine which males
are single, which are in relationships, and which are taken but not married. Make a list
of the men you desire and those you don’t want.


  • You don’t just sleep with anybody; the first stage helped you determine who to choose.
    Married guys are a no-go area; I’m joking. Eliminate males you don’t want, but respect
    pastors regardless of what interest they may show. Some of them have their agendas;
    don’t be a victim of their ambitions when they sleep around.

Choose those who have expressed an interest.

  • Approach people who appear to be interested and take your shot. Remember that not
    everyone pleasant to you wants closeness. You can tell whether someone wants a
    relationship, a fling, or just being kind to you. Save yourself the cringe by only firing at
    people who flirt back when you flirt initially. The first thing you should do while flirting is
    observe how they respond. Are they simply flirting back, or do they discuss sex? Or do
    they only send hearts and just I love yous? Then take your shot. Others may
    understand what you’re attempting to convey without you explicitly telling them that you
    want them to quench your hunger.

Set a time limit.

  • It is not difficult to locate someone in five days if you are quick in your search. Boys
    are always ready, and only a few would refuse sex, so this won’t be difficult. After
    locating, removing, and selecting people who expressed interest, have a top 5 list ready
    in case any say they’re too far away. Before deciding whether one is a perfect fit, go
    back to your list and figure out which of the top 5 males is on which side of your list and
    how many expressed interest.

It’s all fun and games to have sex, especially if you’re sneaking in and out. Being a
sneaky link is good, but remember to always use protection and be extra cautious when
you’re doing it with married men; never be caught by their wives. You don’t have to do
this every time sexual starvations visits; try situationships and entanglements. If you’re
seeking a relationship but can’t seem to find one, consider dating apps, which we’ll
discuss next.

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