SANParks invests in future conservation leaders

MK party led by SARS destroyers – Mbeki
March 14, 2024
Heat dangers
March 14, 2024
MK party led by SARS destroyers – Mbeki
March 14, 2024
Heat dangers
March 14, 2024

SANParks invests in future conservation leaders

South African National Parks (SANParks) has taken a significant step towards nurturing the
next generation of conservation and tourism professionals by awarding bursaries worth over
R2 million to 17 deserving students from communities adjacent to national parks. This move
is part of the organization’s Social Legacy program, which aims to address a broad spectrum
of community needs.

The bursary scheme, funded through a 1% tourism income levy on accommodation
bookings, covers full tuition, accommodation, and living expenses for the students during
their studies. The fields of study range from Biodiversity and Ecology to Environmental
Sciences, Sustainable Development, Tourism Management, Hospitality Management, and
Business Management.

This initiative aligns with SANParks’ Vision 2040, which strives to create protected areas and
a protected area agency that is not only healthy, sustainable, and climate-resilient but also
instils a sense of belonging, healing, and inspiration among all South Africans. By investing
in these students, SANParks aims to awaken national pride and establish world-class
standards in every aspect of conservation and tourism, ensuring tangible and intangible
benefits flow to all stakeholders.

The bursaries are comprehensive and cover full-time studies towards academic diplomas or
degrees at accredited public South African colleges, universities of technology, and
universities. SANParks Head of Communications, JP Louw, expressed his well-wishes to the
future scientists, hospitality managers, and potential future SANParks CEOs, encouraging
them to make the most of this exciting opportunity in conservation and tourism.

This initiative not only supports the academic pursuits of these students but also aligns with
SANParks’ broader vision of co-creating a sustainable future for National Parks and the
National Conservation Agency by 2040. By investing in the communities surrounding
national parks, SANParks is fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment, ensuring
that the benefits of conservation and tourism are shared equitably.