Is this Cyril’s last SONA?

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February 8, 2024
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Is this Cyril’s last SONA?

This week’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) may be President Cyril Ramaphosa’s last if
polling proves accurate. With the ANC projected to dip below 50% in 2024 elections,
Ramaphosa could be delivering his final national address as president on Thursday.

However, he remains upbeat about the ANC’s electoral chances despite corruption scandals and
growing public discontent. Ramaphosa likely aims to highlight his administration’s achievements
during this week’s SONA in a bid to boost the party.

What we know is that Ramaphosa will paint his tenure in the best possible light. Expect grand
pledges and commitments as the president attempts to convince South Africans that the ANC
still deserves their vote. With the ANC barely clinging to power, this SONA may represent
Ramaphosa’s swan song if next year’s election ushers in a new era.

The address will give hints about the ANC’s strategy to avoid losing its Parliamentary majority.
But Ramaphosa’s reassuring rhetoric can’t mask growing disillusionment with ANC governance.
This could be the last SONA where he sets the national agenda as president.

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