Fuel price increase confirmed

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February 7, 2024
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February 7, 2024

Fuel price increase confirmed

South African drivers will need to budget more for fuel this month. The Department of Minerals and
Energy has announced fuel price hikes taking effect on February 7th.

Petrol will increase by 75 cents per litre across all grades. The price of diesel will go up 70 to 73 cents
per litre depending on the type. Paraffin also sees a 71-cent rise per litre.

Higher global oil prices are the main driver of the increases, along with a weaker rand relative to the
US dollar. The department spokesperson Robert Maake said production declines in the United States
also contributed.

With the self-adjusting slate levy remaining at 0 cents per litre, there will be no relief for consumers
from tax changes.

The fuel price hikes will hit South African households already facing economic pressures. Drivers and
businesses relying on transport will have to absorb the extra costs. Energy price inflation shows no
signs of easing in the near term.

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