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February 6, 2024
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Minimum wage boosted to R27.58 per hour

Employment and Labour Minister T.W Nxesi announced the new National Minimum
Wage (NMW) will increase from R25.42 per hour to R27.58, effective March 1st, 2024.

The adjustment comes as part of the yearly NMW review process. Minister Nxesi
confirmed farm workers and domestic workers will also see a rise, aligned to the
national minimum wage. Workers in the expanded public works programme will now
make R15.16 per hour, increased from R13.97.

The NMW applies to all workers and employers except members of the defence force,
intelligence agency and secret service. Volunteers who receive no pay are also

The minimum wage sets the lowest hourly rate an employer can legally pay workers.
Allowances, payments in kind, tips and bonuses are separate and in addition to the

First implemented in 2019 at R20 per hour, the NMW provides a wage floor to protect
workers from severely low pay. Employers in violation of the minimum wage are subject
to fines.

Sectoral determinations covering contract cleaning, wholesale, retail and leadership
allowances have also been updated in line with the rise. These are published on the
Department of Employment’s website.

Minister Nxesi said the NMW increases help uplift our lowest income workers. Setting
an adequate wage floor ensures the working poor can afford basic needs.

The Department of Employment continues monitoring and enforcing compliance with
the NMW. Workers should report any violations or abuse of the legal minimum wage

As the cost of living rises, adjusting the NMW protects vulnerable employees from
poverty wages. The boost provides fairness and dignity for South Africa’s workers.

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