Brace for steep fuel price hikes

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February 6, 2024
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February 6, 2024

Brace for steep fuel price hikes

South African motorists should prepare for significant fuel price increases this month,
ending the brief respite of drops in recent months.

The Automobile Association predicts unleaded 93 and 95 petrol could climb around 64
to 66 cents per litre. Diesel is expected to jump about 63 cents and illuminating paraffin
around 47 cents higher.

“The numbers indicate the short-lived relief South African motorists enjoyed in the past
three months is over,” the AA stated.

Based on current unaudited data, 95 unleaded petrol inland may rise from R22.49 to
R23.15 per litre. 93 unleaded could jump from R22.17 to R22.81 inland.

The AA said these substantial hikes will strain household budgets already stretched thin
after holiday spending.

With fuel prices impacting the costs of all goods transported by road, inflated diesel
costs also spell trouble for consumers. Farmers, manufacturers and retailers will have to
pass along the price increases.

“Motorists should brace for the impact of the increases on their wallets and plan budgets
accordingly,” the AA advised.

The higher fuel prices take effect this Wednesday countrywide. Drivers are urged to
monitor their fuel usage closely and limit nonessential trips to conserve costs.

Public transit riders may also see adjusted fares to offset the petrol and diesel spikes
borne by operators.

After enjoying slight declines in October through December, South Africans must again
tighten belts as fuel prices erase those small savings. Careful budgeting will be key in
the months ahead.

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