ANC Seeks Mbeki’s Help for Elections

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ANC Seeks Mbeki’s Help for Elections

The ANC wants former president Thabo Mbeki to help campaign ahead of this year’s elections,
reports the Sunday Times. The party has even sent former KZN provincial secretary Mdumiseni Ntuli
to speak with Mbeki as it aims to cement support, especially after ex-president Jacob Zuma declared
allegiance to the new MK party.

While not as drastic as Zuma, Mbeki has criticized the ANC recently, hinting last year he wouldn’t
campaign for the party. “I can’t tell people to vote for those doing wrong things,” he said then.
However, Mbeki reportedly criticized Zuma’s MK party move.

ANC leaders are confident Mbeki will still campaign for them. “He hasn’t agreed yet…but we’re
confident he will,” a senior ANC NEC member told the Sunday Times. “The idea is for him to
campaign with the manifesto after the launch.” Reports indicate Mbeki will attend the manifesto
launch, though nothing is formalized yet.

With the ANC facing declining support, recruiting Mbeki’s help makes strategic sense. Despite past
criticism, Mbeki likely wants to avoid an ANC collapse. His prestige could reassure voters feeling
doubts after scandals and controversies. The party will aim to capitalize on Mbeki’s reputation and
influence to bolster its chances this election season.

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