Postbank to Stop Social Grant Payments at Post Offices 

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December 11, 2023
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December 12, 2023

Postbank to Stop Social Grant Payments at Post Offices 

Postbank will soon stop paying social grants in cash at Post Office branches. Starting in January 2024, people will no longer be able to get their grant money directly at the Post Office. 

Bongani Diako, a spokesperson for Postbank, said they want to improve how people get their grant payments. By March 2024, no more cash payments will happen at Post Offices.

People who get SASSA Gold Cards for their grants will need to use their cards in stores or at ATMs instead. They can buy things at shops that accept bank cards. Or they can take out cash at stores that give back money from purchases. They can also use ATMs to take out their grant money. 

Postbank made this change because of some problems. Sometimes there is violence when cash deliveries happen. Some Post Office locations also had issues or closed down. 

Diako said most people getting grants will not have problems with this change. He said everyone would still get safely paid on time. 

He also said SASSA Gold Cards will keep working after December. Some wrong information said the cards would expire. But Diako stressed that the cards do not expire, and people can still use them.

The goal is to pay everyone their grants in an efficient, secure, and reliable way. Postbank wants people to not worry as they make these changes.

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