Murder Suspected After Body Found Bound in River

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December 4, 2023
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Murder Suspected After Body Found Bound in River

Police are investigating a possible homicide after locals uncovered a dead man floating in a South African river this week. His arms and legs were tied up when discovered.

On Monday evening, a dive team retrieved the corpse from the Crocodile River near Mataffin. The body had become snagged on reeds and sticks.

Police Captain Pottie Potgieter said the unidentified victim seemed to have entered the water about 10 days earlier. His remains showed advanced decomposition.

Ropes apparently bound the man’s arms and legs. And a plastic bag had been placed over his head, likely before being dumped.

Local resident Martin Jeffrey raised the initial alarm after spotting the body around 5 PM. Police then took over the scene for further forensic investigation.

Authorities offered no motives or suspects yet related to the suspicious demise. However, the deliberate binding and concealment suggest malicious intent was involved. 

Officers continue working to establish the identity of the deceased and piece together his final movements. They urge anyone with relevant details to come forward and assist in the ongoing probe into this tragic incident.

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