Clever Disguise Fails as Farmers Catch Cattle Rustlers Red-Handed

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November 28, 2023
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Clever Disguise Fails as Farmers Catch Cattle Rustlers Red-Handed

Alert witnesses aided police in catching an alleged cattle thief despite the suspect’s creative attempts to transport the stolen cow inconspicuously. Four rustlers tried using firewood to obscure the recently slaughtered animal nabbed from a nearby farm.

Farmers along Boschpoort Road grew suspicious Sunday afternoon when a questionable vehicle came into view. They quickly notified authorities, who gave chase once the driver and three accomplices fled the suspicious rig.

An inspection revealed a freshly killed cow concealed beneath stacked firewood in the back. The solo captured suspect, 23-year-old Phumlani Mice Nkosi, failed to prove ownership or explain the covert transport of another’s property.

The stolen livestock was soon traced to a nearby farm victimized by the midday cow caper. Nkosi now faces prison time for possession of suspected stolen goods after being remanded to police custody Monday.

Officials praised the vigilance of the reporting farmers that broke open the case. “This shows the value of an alert public combined with rapid response,” said Lt. Noah Mashego. “Together we can interrupt these schemes as they happen.”

SAPS leaders cautioned that the holiday season often spurs opportunistic property crimes. They advised all area residents to buckle down on security measures and remain observant of any nefarious activities. “We rely on the eyes and ears of communities to protect each other,” Mashego added.

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