‘Friends’ star Matthew Perry found dead

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‘Friends’ star Matthew Perry found dead

Troubled actor Matthew Perry has died aged 54 in a suspected accidental drowning at his residential area.

The “Friends” actor recently published a diary detailing his battle with alcohol and drug addictions that nearly claimed his life. The news of his passing has shocked fans and famous friends.

Perry, who rose to fame as Chandler Bing on “Friends,” is rumoured to have drowned in a jacuzzi, according to TMZ. A close friend of Perry’s told the Daily Mail that his friends are in “total shock.”

He allegedly “died at his own house after some physical activity” on Saturday morning, according to sources cited by the outlet. Emergency personnel were summoned to his residence in response to what appeared to be a heart attack incident.

TMZ added: “We’re told Matthew came home sometime after a two-hour round of pickleball, and that he sent his assistant out on an errand shortly thereafter.

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