The future is bright for Secunda-based electrical entrepreneur

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October 26, 2023
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The future is bright for Secunda-based electrical entrepreneur

By Monwabisi Mhlophe

When Robert Mbuyazi left his lucrative full-time job in the mining industry to pursue his electrical services side hustle in early 2021, he didn’t expect the journey to be so challenging. The lows of an entrepreneur can indeed be low, but it’s the milestone moments and achievements that make it all worth it.

Mabhodla Electrical Constructors is an electrical and instrument maintenance company operating in Secunda. Mbuyazi’s entrepreneurial story is an inspiring account of how a side hustle can become the start of a successful and lucrative business journey.

“Don’t give up”

Entrepreneurial endeavours are not for the faint of heart. Reflecting on his own journey, Mbuyazi recalls months of slow business and the occasional cash flow issues. Through it all, he was determined to not give up, to ensure that the business continues to run so that jobs can be retained, and new jobs be made available. Slowly but surely he managed to expand his client base and secure more sub-contractor roles.

Mbuyazi is constantly encouraging aspirant entrepreneurs to seek a suitable mentor as he recalls the invaluable input his own mentor has contributed to his success. “My mentor is one of the people that has helped me see the bigger picture. He gives me hope when I need encouragement and has helped me to look beyond the month-to-month performance of the business and focus on the future. He has changed my whole mindset.”

Making it work

Robert’s days are spent managing a team of six full-time staff who shuttle between responding to emergency requests from the local Department of Public Works to providing maintenance services to the over 40 shops at Secunda Mall.

Since starting the business just over two years ago, Mabhodla Electrical Constructors team has accomplished significant milestones such as moving into their own office space. Mbuyazi counts this as his biggest business highlight to date.

The site has several other units that are being rented out to provide an additional source of income for the business. Mbuyazi strongly encourages creating multiple sources of income to supplement business profits, as well as expanding the business through innovation and technology. For him, expansion plans include solar energy which he hopes to pursue after recently obtaining his certification to install solar power units.

Looking ahead

Mbuyazi’s vision for the future is to grow the business and employ over 300 people across the country; to achieve a national footprint and a strong presence in every province. Considering what Mbuyazi has achieved in just over two years of fulltime operation, there’s no reason he and the team at Mabhodla Electrical Constructors shouldn’t achieve this ambitious goal.

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