Cottondale community gets a cutting-edge school

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October 26, 2023
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 Cottondale community gets a cutting-edge school

By Ophelia Mnisi

The Premier of Mpumalanga, Refilwe Mtshweni-Tsipane, led from the front at the official handover of Jameyana Primary School on Tuesday, October 24.

Several trees were planted by the gathered crowds in the school premises before the official handover.

This is a significant milestone for the school community and the present and future learners of the school.

The construction of the school started in May 2019 it had its share of difficulties starting from COVID-19 to protests, it was completed on 15 December 2022and it cost over 54 million. Jameyana Primary School was established in 1968 it is 55 years old.

To Tharollo Ellen Moropane a grade 7 learner, the school is a huge blessing “Actually I feel blessed about the school and God said what has been blessed can never be cursed”

Thorollo further advised the community to take care of the school, to make the school their first priority as the school is the key to changing their children’s lives and the lives of the future generation of children.

Jameyana Primary School is a cutting-edge establishment designed to give students the finest learning environment possible.

The school with almost 2000 pupils features a new computer lab, grade R centre, library, kitchen, 24 new classrooms fully furnished with computers, books, and decks and 25 toilets.

Addressing the crowd who filled the tent in the centre of the school assembly Premier of Mpumalanga, Refilwe Mtshweni-Tsipane said “We have put up a computer lab which we shall in due course make it 4IR compliant we are still working on it”.

 The school is also historically rich as it is built upon royal soil, and it is a source of pride for the community.

The Department of Education is confident that Jameyana Primary School will continue to be a beacon of hope and opportunity for generations to come.

The motto of Jameyana Primary School is “Dyonzo I Nzalama,” which means “No One must be left behind.” This resonates very well with the school’s commitment to ensuring that all learners have access to a quality education.

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