Marite teachers take their anger to the streets

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October 11, 2023
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October 16, 2023

Marite teachers take their anger to the streets

Teachers in Marite had had enough of thugs attacking them at school during contact and extra classes. Today 12 October teachers marched to the Marite police station to hand over their memorandum demanding safety in their schools.

Schools in the Marite branch are experiencing a burglary, robbery of students and educators in schools, and robbery of service providers delivering services to schools.

” teachers are scared and traumatised by these occurrences “.

” There is a new trend that thugs use, they come into schools during contact classes and rob teachers of their belongings, including their cars ” said Secretary General Sadty Marite Circuit Brian Ngobeni

He went on to say that these thugs go as far as hijacking vehicles that deliver services to schools, including food trucks, causing students to learn on empty stomachs.

On Monday the SATDU committee went to meet with the circuit managers to raise their concerns and grievances, however, the meeting did not bring any specific action hence their march today.

They have directed their memorandum to the provincial commissioner of Mpumalanga police and also the head of education in Mpumalanga.

Their demands include urgent intervention from SAPS, provision of armed guards around schools at all times and visible police patrols in schools amongst others.

In an instance where their demands are not met, teachers will withdraw their labour.

” Our strength is the withdrawal of our labour and that we are going to do until we find a resolution to this matter. We can’t have a situation where we can’t work in our workplaces because of thugs” Shabangu added

Teachers were successful in handing over their memorandum of demands and they said they are expecting a response by the end of tomorrow’s business day 13 October 2023.

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