Mashatile says there is a need for evolution in education

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October 9, 2023
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Mashatile says there is a need for evolution in education

Deputy President Paul Mashatile stated that education policy must constantly change in order to guarantee that children and youth receive the highest possible quality of instruction and learning during his remarks at the National Teachers’ Awards on Thursday.

Mashatile stated that educators play a vital role in laying the cornerstones of every community.

“It is a well-known fact that every successful person had a teacher who once had faith in them and helped them through their formative years. In the 29 years of concerted efforts to transform the education system, we are proud to say that many products of our education system have gone on to make a difference in their communities, government and various other sectors.”

Mashatile also said the government’s commitment to building a brighter future for children is unwavering.

“We have taken note of the challenges, particularly concerning reports that our young learners struggle to read for meaning. A fundamental aspect of improving our education system hinges upon building robust foundations of literacy and numeracy from the earliest ages.”

He added that he wanted teachers to know that South Africans see their hard work.

“I want every teacher to know that the nation sees you, values you, and cherishes the difference you make in the lives of your learners and to our communities more broadly. Each one of you, those coming from modernised classrooms, and those who continue to inspire and nurture future leaders from the most remote corners of our country, is part of our shared vision for a prosperous, educated, and united South Africa,” said Mashatile

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