K-9 unit’s role in curbing poaching in SANParks

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K-9 unit’s role in curbing poaching in SANParks

Katekani Sibuyi is a trained dog handler and has been working with Scent since 2017 to him the love and
connection he has with Scent is what leads to their amazing working relationship.

Scent is a 7-year-old mixed-breed dog. She is on the ground looking for poachers.
The dog may be able to find poachers by using their scent, which is present in the field. She has a tracking range of ten hours.

Katekani Sibuyi believes that the South African National Parks’ K9 Unit has significantly reduced
poaching in the KNP.

“We’ve had a lot of success catching poachers with the help of these dogs.” Said Katekani

Scent has more than 20 arrests and 17 assists.

There are different breeds within the K-9 unit trained to track poachers in the field and detect
firearms, ammunition and wildlife products that enter and exit through park gates.

The dogs can follow an hours-old scent over impressive distances.

The SANparks k-9 unit was launched in 2012 as an initiative to fight aginst rhino poaching

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