Miyelani Mnisi A force to reckon with

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September 6, 2023
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September 6, 2023

Miyelani Mnisi A force to reckon with

Miyelani Mnisi is a cook who owns a mobile kitchen in Mkhuhlu Township. She discovered her
passion for cooking when she was in grade 11 “I took home economics in grade 11, and that’s when I
fell in love with cooking.” She spoke.

Miyelani Mnisi was born in New Forest, a small community in the Bushbuckridge Municipality.
Like many others, Miyelani did not always have her future planned; when she was younger, she
aspired to work as a social worker because she admired them.

Before owning her mobile kitchen, Miyelani provided food for church services and special events.
She requested a mobile kitchen from her husband as her love of cooking grew, and he delivered.
In 2019 she got her mobile kitchen and started operating it the same year.

And just like any other business, Miyelani also encounters difficulties, one of which is that she
returns with already-cooked meals when business is slow. As a smart woman, however, she makes
means to give food to her loyal customers on credit.

“I occasionally have a few leftovers when I get home, but I give them to my family and neighbours
instead of throwing them away or bringing them back to sell to customers,” Miyelani said.
She prides herself in constantly providing her customers with fresh meals.

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