A Tale of Time and Perception

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July 4, 2023
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July 4, 2023

A Tale of Time and Perception

Julius Malema, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, attended the renowned Durban July 2023,
a yearly event famous for its glitz, fashion, and horse racing. As he arrived and made his presence
known, the leader’s sparkling timepiece attracted everyone’s attention.
After social media users noticed Malema wearing a watch allegedly worth R2 million, he has since been
under close scrutiny.

Whispers spread like wildfire through the crowd as news of Malema’s lavish watch reached the ears of
viewers. The whispers soon found their way to social media, where they took the form of a tweet by an
individual confused by the apparent mismatch between the timepiece’s worth and Malema’s declared
yearly salary.

The post attracted the attention of numerous social media users, and the internet quickly exploded with
theories, rumours, and opinions. Others backed Malema, pointing to his many business ventures and
political career, while some saw it as a show off and questioned the source of his income. Many Twitter
users called the politician a “hypocrite” and attacked him.

It was an exaggeration to claim that Malema’s annual income did not match the cost of the watch. His
multiple properties, enterprises, and other assets that contributed to his overall wealth were not
included in the calculation.

In the end, the Durban July of 2023 evolved into something more significant. It turned into a chance for
reflection, developing a culture that valued consequences, empathy, and the search for the truth.
And as the days went by, the watch’s tale quietly faded into the background, serving as a gentle
reminder to everyone there of the temporary nature of conflicts in an eternal universe.

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