Two suspects were arrested for housebreaking and shoplifting

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June 29, 2023
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June 30, 2023

Two suspects were arrested for housebreaking and shoplifting

Two suspects aged 25 and 34 were arrested for housebreaking, shoplifting and theft out of motor vehicle allegations in Graskop on 28 June.

Police were performing their routine patrols in Graskop when they noticed two men at a hitchhiking spot to Sabie. They then stopped and searched the pair. One of the men who was carrying a plastic bag told the police that, inside the plastic bag were his T-shirts.

Suddenly the suspect dropped his plastic bag then fled the scene and when members opened it, they found new clothing items which appeared to be from a retail clothing store. The other man was apprehended, and police gave chase to the one who left the plastic bag. It was not long before members apprehended him and took him to the Graskop Police Station where more information was obtained from him regarding his alleged involvement in shoplifting at a clothing shop nearby. He was then charged accordingly.

During a preliminary investigation by the Police, it was discovered that the other man who was apprehended first was somehow linked to an alleged theft out of a motor vehicle in Graskop where a gas cylinder bottle was reportedly stolen from a truck on 18 June. For that, he too was charged accordingly.

Upon further investigation by the astute members, it was also revealed that the two were part of three suspects that were arrested on 09 June on charges of a spate of house-breaking incidents in the area. The investigation team believes that the two are part of a group of suspects terrorising the community of Graskop since the winter season began.

They are both expected to appear in the Graskop Magistrate’s Court on 30 June facing charges of shoplifting, theft out of a motor vehicle, and housebreaking. Police cannot rule out the possibility of adding more charges as the investigation continues.

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