SA and Germany sign a letter of commitment for Green Hydrogen

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June 27, 2023
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June 28, 2023

SA and Germany sign a letter of commitment for Green Hydrogen

Dr Kgosientsho Ramokgopa, Minister in the Presidency responsible for electricity, and German Vice
Chancellor Robert Habeck have signed a joint statement of commitment to form the South African
German Hydrogen Task Force.

The green hydrogen economy has been described as an exciting future for clean energy since it
emits small carbon emissions and has a global export potential of over $300 billion.
The country holds approximately 80% of the world’s platinum group metals (PGMs) and 40% of the
world’s platinum and palladium supplies which are key components in the production of hydrogen –
making South Africa potentially a key player in the future of the market.

The cooperation between the two nations aims to link South African developers in the Green
Hydrogen market with off takers in Germany looking at additional funding for projects and
cooperation in creating petrochemicals.

Business to business opportunities between South African companies and their German equals will
also be created through the task force.

The key outputs of the declaration are the creation of the task force which will look at how the green
hydrogen market will be created, how it will develop and grow.

Government has already drawn up plans for a Hydrogen Valley which is expected to run from
Limpopo, through Johannesburg to Durban.

The valley will establish opportunities for projects which will kick-start hydrogen initiatives in hubs
with the aim of boosting economic growth and job creation.

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