Government preparedness for NHI implementation has improved, President Ramaphosa says

June 6, 2023
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June 6, 2023

Government preparedness for NHI implementation has improved, President Ramaphosa says

The President reaffirmed in his Wednesday speech to the National Assembly that achieving
affordable universal health care is essential for enhancing human health, lowering inequality, and
empowering South Africans to lead more fruitful lives.

He said that the National Health Insurance Bill, which will shortly be discussed in the National
Assembly, was adopted by the Portfolio Committee on Health, marking a significant step towards
the achievement of this goal.

“Progress is being made in preparation for the implementation of the NHI, including interventions to
improve the quality of public and private health care and the roll-out of the electronic patient
registration system across public health facilities.

“The implementation of the NHI will be a momentous step towards achieving universal health
coverage and creating a society built on justice, fairness, and social solidarity. Let us embrace this
opportunity to create a healthier, more equitable future for all South Africans,” the President said.
Additionally, President Ramaphosa expressed his gratitude to the members and staff of the Portfolio
Committee for their efforts in processing the legislation. He thanked all the groups and people who
submitted comments as well as everyone who attended the public hearings.

“As the NHI Bill is finalised through the legislative process and as it is implemented, we are
determined to ensure that it both fulfils its goal of universal access to quality health care and builds
on the significant capabilities of the public and private health sectors… We are determined that the
implementation of the NHI effectively tackles inequality in health care in a sustainable manner,” the
President said.

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