The increase in police visibility will cost R1.8 billion

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May 30, 2023
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May 30, 2023

The increase in police visibility will cost R1.8 billion

In order to increase police visibility in its attempts to combat crime, the government has set aside
R1.8 billion for the purchase of police vehicles.

Police Minister General Bheki Cele stated at a media event in Cape Town that the top 30 crime-
prone stations had received R65 million to handle murder and other contact crimes.

“Over and above this additional funding, we are responding directly to calls by communities to
increase the capability and training of the Tactical Response Teams (TRT). The TRT are being
deployed at stations and districts in identified high crime areas,” the Minister said.
According to him, these highly skilled and trained policemen will serve as local force multipliers and
aid in policing high-crime areas.

The South African Police Service’s (SAPS) quarterly crime figures, which cover the period from 1
January 2023 to 31 March 2023, were being presented by the Minister.
“SAPS is also enhancing specialised tracking teams, who will be trained further at provincial and
district level to effectively track and apprehend offenders.
“The tracking teams will be instrumental in the success of Operation Shanela, where emphasis is also
placed on executing arrest warrants,” the Minister said.

SAPS is also purchasing unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to better police from the sky.
“More drone pilots are also being licensed and drone pilot interns are being recruited. Body-worn
cameras, as well as shot spotters in high-density crime areas, are being prioritised,” Cele said.

When it comes to contact crimes, 206 more counts of murder were recorded; sexual offences
decreased by 594 cases; attempted murder increased by 475; assault with the intent to inflict
grievous bodily harm increased by 98; common assault increased by 3 480; common robbery
increased by 957, and robbery with aggravating circumstances increased by 1 677.

Murder increased countrywide by 3.4% between January and March 2023.

The Minister said 6 289 people were killed with either a firearm, knife, sharp and blunt instruments,
stone and even bare hands, between January and March this year.

“The majority of the killings took place in the KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape and Gauteng provinces,
with arguments, vigilantism and robberies topping the motive list for murder.
Overall, contact crimes increased by 6 299 cases.

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