Suspect arrested for pointing police officer with a gun

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May 9, 2023
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Suspect arrested for pointing police officer with a gun

On 07 May Lunga Promise Nkambule (29) was arrested after handing himself to the Volkrust Police Station following reports of aiding the suspect to escape from lawful custody earlier that day.

According to information on that said day Nkambule allegedly pointed out a police member on duty with an unlawful firearm after his friend was arrested for negligent driving as well as for alleged drink and driving in one of the local taverns which was operating beyond stipulated hours.

Members visited the outlet to ensure compliance when one vehicle drove recklessly bumping two other stationary vehicles on the scene. Police stopped the driver who seemed to be heavily under the influence of alcohol. He was then arrested and whilst members were loading the suspect in the police van, Nkambule is said to have arrived at the scene, blocked the police vehicle, took out the firearm and pointed at one of the members, demanding the release of his friend. Nkambule is said to have further instructed his other fellows to open the door of the police van so that the man who was behind the van could be released. That was the time when the arrested driver escaped, and he disappeared into the darkness. Nkambule also found his way through the crowd who gathered around the liquor outlet.

Members then took Nkambule’s vehicle to the police station. He followed members to the police station whilst still in possession of the firearm but when members demanded the firearm licence, he failed to produce it. At that moment, the astute members managed to disarm him and confiscated his unlicensed firearm. Nkambule was eventually locked up and charged accordingly.

During his court appearance in the Volkrust Magistrate’s Court on 08 May his case was postponed to 15 May for a formal bail application. Nkambule was remanded in custody, and he is faced with charges relating to possession of an unlicensed firearm, pointing with a firearm, obstructing the cause of justice as well as aiding the suspect to escape. The firearm will undergo ballistic testing to determine whether it was not used in other criminal activities previously therefore police cannot rule out the possibility of adding more charges against the suspect as the investigation continues.

The suspect for alleged drunk driving has not been rearrested yet.

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