Easter weekend sees fewer fatalities and crashes in Mpumalanga

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Easter weekend sees fewer fatalities and crashes in Mpumalanga

Mpumalanga MEC for Community Safety, Security and Liaison, Vusi Shongwe, has welcomed
decreases recorded in fatalities and crashes during the Easter long weekend. According to the
statistics, between 06 and 10 April, there was a decline in crashes, fatal crash fatalities, and slight

This year, 101 crashes were recorded on various roads as compared to last year, where there
were 106 crashes. There were fewer people killed on the province’s roads this year as compared
to last year.
About 17 fatalities were recorded this year, while 23 deaths were recorded last year during the
same period. The province further had 15 fatal crashes as compared to 18 such crashes during the
previous Easter holidays.

Meanwhile, 77 people sustained serious injuries as compared to 76 such cases last year. This
year’s Easter saw seven passengers, three drivers, and seven pedestrians losing their lives. The
previous Easter, only five pedestrians were killed.
Nkangala and Gert Sibande regions registered the highest number of road deaths with each
registering six fatalities. Ehlanzeni recorded five fatalities. The statistics have further revealed
that municipality roads recorded a high number of crashes, followed by the N4 toll road, N17,
N2, and R571 roads.

Most of the crashes were a result of pedestrians being hit by moving vehicles, head-on collisions,
losing control of vehicles in motion, vehicles overturning, sideswipes, and head-rear collisions.
Meanwhile, over 24 000 vehicles were stopped on various roads across the province. More than
9000 stopped vehicles went through weighbridges, and this included over 8000 heavy motor
vehicles, which were mainly trucks as well as light delivery vehicles (LDVs) and mini-bus taxis.

About 5155 drivers were issued with summonses for various offenses ranging from reckless and
negligent driving, and defects in vehicles to reckless and negligent driving. 40 people were also

arrested for drinking and driving. About 69 vehicles were discontinued, and 109 were
impounded for various defects.

As was to be expected, traffic levels peaked on Thursday and Monday as people returned to
work and their homes following the holiday weekend. On the other hand, inland schools
reopened for the new academic year. The busiest roads included the N4, N3, N2, R536, R573,
and R40; this may have contributed to the lower number of recorded crashes.

However, law enforcement officers who were deployed on a 24-hour shift basis from 06 to 11
April 2023 have played a major role in buffering the impact of high traffic volumes associated
with Easter traffic and also a reduction in crashes and fatalities.

The MEC has attributed these reductions to increased cooperation between road users and law
enforcement. He is, however, concerned about the number of pedestrians who continue to lose
their lives on the road. He has also attributed the successes to the cooperation between all road
safety stakeholders and the security cluster in the province.

Shongwe also thanked all security cluster members for all the hard work they put in to ensure
that reductions in fatalities were made and also ensuring compliance with the rules by most

“Although one death is one too many, we are content that our plans have yielded results. We will
continue to draw lessons out of all of the reports so that we enhance plans for the next holiday

“We are grateful to all our officials who tirelessly worked throughout the long weekend to save
lives. Our emergency personnel also did sterling work as they responded to various crash scenes
across the province,” said Shongwe.

He also commended motorists who followed the regulations and cooperated with law
enforcement personnel. The MEC also extends condolences to any families who have lost loved
ones throughout the holiday season. He also sends his best regards to those who have been

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