Shoes for primary school learners in Marite.

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Shoes for primary school learners in Marite.


About 50 learners from two primary schools in Marite recently received school shoes Makungu Security Services and the Bushbuckridge Local Municipality. The learners from both Madikulushe Primary School and Moduping Higher Primary School got the shoes.

Speaking to the learners at Madikulushe, the Executive Mayor of Bushbuckridge Local Municipality said they were gathered at the school  to encourage the learners to keep learning ad to get educated.

“Phambili nge mfundo, phambili!” chanted the mayor.

“Phambili!” the learners chanted back.

She told them that as children from Marite, they should put education first and everything else will follow, hence they came to the school to offer the kids school shoes. Nxumalo said she is aware of the fact that during Lockdown level 4 kids used to attend on a rotational schedule but now they have to attend on a full time basis, she said there is a problem of a higher of learners who didn’t go back to school after the lockdown restrictions were eased. She said these learners are ruining their future and advised the ones at the school not to do that.

“As learners of Madikulushe, we continue learning, we continue getting our meals from the school nutrition programme, we continue loving education because education is the future, hence the Bushbuckridge Local Municipality is here today to address you and to thank Mr Matsane from Makungu Security Services for what he has done. To thank him for donating the shoes to you so that you can wear them to school, this way, you will get the confidence to come to school,” said the Mayor.

At Moduping, the mayor continued speaking about the challenge of learners not returning to school after the lockdown restrictions were eased. Nxumalo said that even though it is a challenge, it wont be at Moduping Higher Primary School.

“If ever there is such a challenge, if ever a learner doesn’t come back to school, we will have to make sure that we go to his home and make sure that we  bring him back to school because we want everyone in Marite to be educated, because education is compulsory,” said the mayor.

Nxumalo said in a bid to support education, the municipality is partnering with local businesses to make sure that they give something back to the learners, things like shoes. She also told he learners that they must not forget that lockdown is still on, so they must not forget to sanitise and wear their face masks. She said for that reason, together with Makungu, they also brought masks and sanitisers.

“We have brought shoes for those who don’t have shoes if ever you have not anything today, it doesn’t mean that you will not get anything. We will come back and make sure that are supported by getting you new school shoes, that way you will come  to school with confidence and pass,” said the Mayor.

“What is important is to respect your teachers. You should give them the necessary because a teacher is your mother, a teacher is your father when you are at school. A teacher is here to make sure that you get the necessary education. That is why we make sure that as a municipality, we support education. We are aware of the many social ills that happen in our community, but we must put education first, hence we say; Forward with education forward!” she added.

Steven Mokoena from Makungu Security Services told the learners that they were at the school because they realised that it is important to them as a company to help others. He said they are not donating because they have lots or because they don’t know what to do with money.

“As Makungu Security Services, we noticed that our younger sisters and brothers go to school wearing slippers while others go are-footed. As Makungu Security, we decided that we must help those who don’t have anything with the little that we have. We brought some shoes to those who don’t have shoes. We know that it is not all of you who are going to receive the shoes today but the ones we have brought today is the least we can do. Maybe there are still some of you who need shoes, we will come back some day to help you. We also brought sanitisers and masks for those who need masks,” said Mokoena.

The principal of Moduping, Mr Hector Kgomo told the mayor that as Moduping,they are honoured that the mayor brought the business community to recognise the school.

“Mayor, the little things that you have doe have a great impact. As you can see these learners in front of us, it is not by mistake that they are here,” said Kgomo.

He told the director of Makungu Security Services that he is happy that his company decided to plough back to the community. He added that that is the reason behind the saying; “Charity begins at home”

Speaking to Bushbuckridge News, the Director of Makungu Security Services, Lennox Matsane said it is part of the company’s social responsibility to plough back to the community so they decided to partner with Bushbuckridge Local Municipality because the company is their area, hence they came back to donate shoes to the people of Marite.

The mayor of Bushbuckridge Local Municipality, Sylvia Nxumalo told Bushbuckridge News that they didn’t specifically choose the schools but this is actually a continuation of the municipality’s programme. She said they will still continue with the others schools. Nxumalo said they are waiting for another business person who must come and assist them. She said they already have potential donor companies who will be coming very soon. She said they will then identify other schools whose learners need the help.

Mr Kgomo said that he is thankful for the shoes the learners have received. He said even though it is just a small number of learners, they are actually the relevant ones, the ones who are supposed to receive this kind of help. He added that there are many learners who need help at the school and that Marite as it is, it has its own special problems, especially when it comes to family issues such as child-headed families and children from poor families. Kgomo said being identified for the donation makes them thankful as a school.

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