Policewomen praised for their bravery

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August 12, 2021
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August 12, 2021

Policewomen praised for their bravery

The provincial police commissioner, Lt Gen Semakaleng Daphney Manamela, extended her best wishes to all women in SAPS. Manamela paid homage to female officers on Women’s Day in Mbombela.

“We are aware that we celebrate this day under abnormal conditions, when the entire world is ravaged by Covid-19. This has not spared the SAPS, but affected it like any other organisation. We are very proud our women in blue have shown commitment, dedication and focus. As we celebrate this day today, we need to think of the members who had sacrificed their lives as frontline workers and braved the deadly pandemic. Some of them perished while saving lives, for women are caring and loving by nature. We must dedicate this day to them for providing much-needed services. May their souls rest in eternal peace as we continue to fight this pandemic,” said Manamela.

“We will continue to work very hard until our houses, cars, our loved ones and all our belongings are safe and free at all times. We will put in extra effort to fight crime and corruption to the extent where all residents of Mpumalanga can walk the streets any time of day, free and fearless; where they can sleep in their homes without all sorts of security measures, drive their cars anytime and anywhere without  fear of being hijacked, and bring their children up without any fear of drug lords and rapists,” she added.

Manamela said as SAPS women, they promise to be vigilant and work harder and smarter, so that they can always beat our opponents. She said they  still face the challenge of gender-based violence and femicide throughout the country and that they commit themselves to fight this scourge until they win. She said they will ensure that the victims of abuse are supported through various programmes, and that they are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.  She added that through Social Crime Prevention, they will work together with communities in order to identify various challenges and bring possible solutions.

“Women are the pillars of families, and therefore play a pivotal role in bringing forward the victims of GBV. We encourage them to speak out. We are here to provide assistance where needed. We should therefore work together in order to conquer any form of abuse to vulnerable groups. We need to refrain from hiding child abuse in the name of ‘cultural beliefs’,” said Manamela.

“Children must be allowed to be children, to be free, play freely and walk freely without fear. Women must support one another and avoid stigmatising this abuse. Please report any form of abuse to the police as soon as possible. Have a happy Women’s Day celebration, and I wish you all the best for the remainder of the month,” she concluded.

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